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by KC Carlson

Hi. I’ve been on the road now for over a week, trying to get things performed in my spare time on a non-familiar computer and trying to in shape in work between visits and good friends — and failing. So, here’s the new listing of suggested vintage comic collections, and I’ll be back in a few days with the rest. have a delighted (and safe) holiday!


ACG Collected works Adventures into the unknown Vol. 2

ACG Collected Works: Adventures into the unknown volume 2: Collects #6-10, from 1949-1950, of the quirky SF/horror series. 288-page color hardcover. (PS Artbooks)

Archie Archives Vol. 7

Archie Archives volume 7: From 1947, and now adding Archie stories from Laugh Comics. includes work by Irv Novick and bill Woggan and a new introduction by Jeff Parker. 232-page color hardcover. (Dark Horse)

Archie: finest of Samm Schwartz Vol. 2

Archie: finest of Samm Schwartz, volume 2: another excellent hardcover collection of Samm Schwartz’s work for Archie Comics, mostly focusing on Jughead. mainly unheralded up until recent years, Schwartz created a few of the funniest comics in history. 152-page color hardcover. (IDW)

Crime Does Not Pay Archives Vol. 3

Crime Does Not Pay Archives volume 3: Collecting #30 to #33 of this classic crime series. introduction by Howard Chaykin. 240-page color hardcover. (Dark Horse)

Essential Thor Vol. 6

Essential Thor volume 6: featuring the very first appearance of Firelord, Galactus vs. Ego the Living Planet, Loki’s invasion of Earth, and Thor’s descent into Pluto’s dark realm. includes work by John and Sal Buscema, Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas, Len Wein, and more. Collects Thor #221-247. 520 B&W pages. (Marvel)

Fiction home Collected Works: world Comics Vol. 1

Fiction home Collected Works: world Comics volume 1: Reprinting the early problems of this SF classic series, but details are skimpy. Carmine Infantino supplies a new forward. 288-page color hardcover. (PS Artbooks)

Marvel Masterworks: golden Age Captain America Vol. 6

Marvel Masterworks: golden Age Captain America volume 6: Reprinting Captain America Comics #21-24. Cap and Bucky’s wartime exploits are collected for the very first time. The art is mostly by Syd Shores and Don Rico with different writers. plus back-up stories of the Human Torch! 280-page color hardcover. (Marvel)

Marvel Masterworks: Invincible Iron guy Vol. 2

Marvel Masterworks: Invincible Iron guy volume 2: Collecting the Iron guy stories from Tales to Supense #51-65 by Stan Lee and Don Heck. featuring the origin of the Mandarin, the very first appearance of Hawkeye (teamed up with the Black Widow, in her very first appearance), plus battles with Captain America and even the old Iron guy armor! 240-page color TPB. (Marvel)

The Simon & Kirby Library: science Fiction

The Simon and Kirby Library: science Fiction: A special volume of work never collected together before, featuring not only material pre-dating the S&K partnership, but also their extremely very first collaboration, Blue Bolt! plus the SF work the duo created in partnership with other classic creators, including Al Williamson, Angelo Torres, Reed Crandall, and Wally Wood. This series has been amazing, and this may be the very best volume yet! 320-page color hardcover. (Titan Books)

Showcase provides The Flash Vol. 4

Showcase provides The Flash volume 4: Collecting The Flash #162-184 from the age of Go-Go Checks and outrageous villains! 528 B&W pages. (DC Comics)

Wonder Woman: The Amazon Princess Archives Vol. 1

Wonder Woman: The Amazon Princess Archives volume 1: beginning the Silver Age question lady stories (WW #98-110) by Kanigher, Andru, and Esposito in the classic Archives format. If you like quirky, you’ll like this! 352-page color hardcover. (DC Comics)


Beetle Bailey: Dallies and Sundays 1966

Beetle Bailey: Dallies and Sundays 1966: 112 pages of the adventures of the most popular (and laziest) personal in the Army, as told by the legendary Mort Walker. another legend — Stan Lee — supplies the introduction. B&W hardcover. (Titan Books)

Gasoline alley Vol. 1

Gasoline alley volume 1: choosing up the classic strip in 1964 when Dick Moores took over from designer Frank King. The strip more-or-less complied with genuine time, so lead character Skeezix (found in a basket as a baby in 1921) is now middle-aged with a household of his own. This is the very first time this age of the strip has been collected. 288-page color hardcover. extremely recommended. (IDW/LoAC)

LOAC Essentials: Baron Bean

LOAC Essentials: Baron Bean: This introduces a series of smaller collections of esoteric (but historically essential) strips from the golden Age of newspaper strips. very first up is the very first year of George Herriman’s Baron Bean, which ran concurrently with Herriman’s Krazy Kat in its early years, beginning in 1916. Future LOAC fundamentals will include The Gumps and Polly and her Pals. 328-page B&W hardcover. (IDW/LoAC)

Prince Valiant Vol. 6: 1947-1948

Prince Valiant volume 6: 1947-1948: Hal Foster’s masterpiece enters its second decade in this 112-page color hardcover, shot from Foster’s collection of syndicate proofs, with the coloring completely restored. (Fantagraphics)



WOODWORK: A large 352-page color and B&W collection of Wally Wood’s astonishing career. includes work from EC Comics’ classic SF titles, MAD, illustrations for Galaxy and other magazines, work for both marvel and DC Comics, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, and his pioneering work in self-publishing. This book was originally a museum catalogue that gone along with a massive wood career retrospective in De Palma, Spain, in 2010, now made available to everybody. (IDW)

KC CARLSON: Driving across America. Wheeeee!

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