The kind people at action lab enjoyment have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics as well as other products featured in the December 2014 Previews, arranged to ship starting February 2015.


Writer(s): Mike Hunau
Artist Name(s): Carlos Trigo
Cover Artist(s): Carlos Trigo

In the extremely near future, supernatural beings online among humans in peace, yet Jack Crimson discovers his life as a werewolf frustrating, as well as wants nothing a lot more than a cure. determined to complimentary himself from this curse, he makes a series of decisions leading him down an unforeseen path. join Jack as he makes his method with this dark new world.

128 pgs./ mature Readers/ FC $14.99

FIGHT like A woman # 4 (OF 4)

Writer(s): David Pinckney
Artist Name(s): Soo Lee
Cover Artist(s): Soo Lee
ROUND FOUR! Amarosa has made it with three trials that have all checked her in methods she couldn’t imagine. though her fourth path is colossal in a lot more methods than one, discovering out what makes her special may be the crucial to her success. The concern is…will she figure it out in time?

32 pgs./ Teen/ FC $3.99

GRONK: A MONSTER’S story volume 1 TPB

Writer(s): Katie Cook
Artist Name(s): Katie Cook
Cover Artist(s): Katie Cook
Colorist: Kevin Minor

Gronk is a monster… as well as not a extremely great one. comply with Gronk’s adventures as she leaves the monster world as well as joins up with her new family! take pleasure in the very first year’s worth of comics from this popular, all-ages webcomic in a wonderful, full color collection!

64pgs./All Ages/ FC $9.99

HERALD: LOVECRAFT as well as TESLA# 3 (of 3)

Writer(s): John Reilly
Artist Name(s): Tom Rogers (pencils), Dexter Weeks (ink, color, letters)
Cover Artist(s): Tom Rogers

A botched break-in attempt of the Athenaeum library ends at the barrel of a gun as Cthulhu Cultists interrogate Lovecraft as well as Tesla while trying to find their own copy of the Necronomicon. In Rome, two old guy technique a young artist to go over the nature of sacrifice.
32 pgs./Teen/ FC $3.99

HEROCATS OF outstanding CITY #4

Writer(s): Kyle Puttkammer
Artist Name(s): Marcus Williams, Ryan sellers (i), Matt Hearns (c) Brianna Higgins (l)
Cover Artist(s): Marcus Williams

Dangerous sinkholes are opening around outstanding City as well as it’s as much as the Hero Cats to save the day! Ace, Midnight, Cassiopeia, Belle, Rocket & Rocco check out an underground world full of new good friends as well as adventures.

32 pgs./ All Ages/ FC $3.99


Writer(s): Nick Marino
Artist Name(s): Daniel Arruda Massa
Cover Artist(s): Daniel Arruda Massa (regular), as well as Kaylie McDougal (limited variant covers)

Jesus takes the fight directly to Zeus as well as Isis, the two mythological gods leading a horde of desperate, worship-hungry deities! however do Jesus, Satan, as well as sibling Maria really stand a chance? as well as can they keep their sh*t together long sufficient to stop the coming madness?
Includes two restricted variant covers by Kaylie McDougal, restricted to 1,500 copies each.

32 pgs./Mature Readers/ FC $3.99/$4.99 Variant

EHMM THEORY: whatever as well as little DOSES TPB

Writer(s): Brockton McKinney
Artist Name(s): Larkin Ford
Cover Artist(s): Larkin Ford

What do you get when you cross a bloodthirsty, universe-traveling carnival monkey with a time-displaced, foul-mouthed kitten & his finest friend? The legendary second volume of Ehmm Theory! Gabriel Ehmm takes on extraordinary new freaked-up foes with the assist of his speaking feline Mr. Whispers as well as the telekinetic werewoman named Mindwolf in the brain-melting tale that has people stating “Oh my macaroni nuts, this is a wild treat!” Collects Ehmm Theory: whatever as well as little Doses #1-4.

128 pgs./ mature visitors / FC $14.99


Writer(s): Josiah Grahn
Artist Name(s): Carl Yonder
Cover Artist(s): Carl Yonder

Synopsis: Smitty has lost whatever twice-over, as well as now nothing is out of bounds as he desperately seeks a score big sufficient to get his method back to safety. His former crewmate, now a feared captain, indicates to make sure Smitty’s continued misery, instead. They can’t both succeed.
32 pgs./Teen/ FC $3.99

PLANET massive TPB

Writer(s): Eric Grissom
Artist Name(s): David Halvorson, will Perkins, Phil Sloan
Cover Artist(s): David Halvorson

Two genetically engineered teen astronauts accident land on a amazing world as well as are required to grow up in a world full of rock monsters, gigantic insects, smoke ninjas, as well as a cruel Queen who wants their powers. as well as that’s just on the very first day. Collectnull

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