Captain marvel Sequel finds Its director In Candyman’s Nia DaCosta

The marvel Cinematic universe is getting a lot a lot more diverse as per a new report. After crushing it at the box office and with critics, Captain marvel was the first MCU motion picture featuring a female superhero lead. despite lots of silly controversies leading up to the release, the motion picture was a huge success for marvel Studios. So, in an effort to diversify its cast and crew, after some criticisms, Candyman’s Nia DaCosta is directing Captain marvel 2.

Nia DaCosta Directing Captain marvel 2 Is A very big Deal

image by means of marvel Studios.

DaCosta pertains to marvel after finishing a mid-budget studio motion picture with Candyman. After some indie work, DaCosta’s selection came personally at the hands of producer Jordan Peele for Candyman. The new motion picture will be a sort of soft reboot, while still homaging the original Candyman franchise. As a result, Nia DaCosta directing Captain marvel 2 is a testament to her success in setting the famous character on a sustainable new path. DaCosta becomes the first Black woman to direct an MCU movie, according to


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Usually, marvel Studios changes directors within the same franchise, to keep the voices and tone fresh. For instance, they did this a lot of notably with Taika Waititi coming in to revitalize the Thor franchise with Ragnarok. However, once they find directors they like, they stick with them as they did with the Russo brothers and Peyton Reed.

Captain Marvel, the first MCU female Superhero, needs a female Voice

image by means of marvel Studios.

The directors of Captain marvel were Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. and having a woman behind the cam added much-needed perspective to the movie. one of the greatest things about Captain marvel was how Brie Larson played the character without any apologies. The story of the motion picture was about a human’s involvement in an intergalactic war. Unbeknownst to her, she became a soldier in this war, when in reality, she’s an earth hero with a life that she can’t remember. 

So a lot of of the motion picture was about Larson’s Carol Danvers, discovering bits and pieces of who she was. Larson played the character with the same anger and confusion that any individual in that situation would show, but it never came off as anything other than authentic. As a result, any ‘feminist’ ideals in the motion picture are the result of good, sincere characterization. The co-directors’ treatment of a woman in a similar superhero story that we’ve seen men in for years, felt special and fresh. Not to mention that she was a total badass, due to the emotional baggage in the story and not despite it.

With Nia DaCosta directing Captain marvel 2, we can hopefully expect a lot more of the same, in a brand new story and a whole new perspective on Carol Danvers and her found family on Earth.

Disney or marvel Studios did not yet officially confirm Costa directing Captain marvel 2. As a result there is also no news on when the sequel will begin production. 

So what do you think about Nia DaCosta directing Captain marvel 2? let us know in the comments below.

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