Kiss Him, Not Me! volume 2

I took pleasure in Kiss Him, Not Me! volume 2 a lot more than the first book, considering that the harem of people are developing distinct, recognizable personalities.

Fangirl Kae has four admirers, and here, they go on a series of dates in expected manga situations. First, there’s the school festival, and due to the cosplay theme, Kae gets to make outfits for several of the people (including one who’s playing princess). They get upset at spending all their time with her in a group, though, so they draw up an individual dating schedule.

That, and the way they all work together in preparation for the event, gave me a lot more insight into how to distinguish the guys, which was a big help. Shinomiya is the young blond, aching to be seen as a lot more mature, a real man. Igarashi is the caring, thoughtful great person who also wants to tell the truth. Nanashima is the pushy, flirty other blond. Mutsumi is the older, sensible one, a comforting presence.

Kiss Him, Not Me! is a light, breezy read that doesn’t make fun of its lead for her fannish interests. She doesn’t want to make a choice yet, enjoying finding out a lot more about what she wants. Her nervousness in taking care of attractive men is both amusing and sympathetic, making for a dating manga I enjoy. Plus, whenever she gets the courage to say what she really wants, everyone says, “ok, sounds good”, a great bit of validation. In a later Christmas story, she actually takes them all to Comiket, and they get doujinshi for her. They know what she likes!

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