Larraz draws the mother of All Fights in house of X #3

The Dawn of X is halfway here, and things start heating up in house of X #3. Literally—the X-Men go to the sun to destroy the mother Mold. Cyclops puts a team together consisting of some of the greats and some other favorites. Husk, Monet, Mystique, Archangel, and Nightcrawler are among them, along with Cyclops best gal, Jean Grey, and his best bro, Wolverine. They know the risks. They know the importance. They know they’re all appearing in new titles come October (or, at least, we do).

House of X #3: Pepe Larraz and the Pendulum Style

In a lot of of my reviews, I talk a lot more about the writing than I do the art, but I’m going to give Larraz the spotlight here, because his art is great. Larraz has a way of giving us severe moments and lighter moments—sometimes in the same panel. For instance, this dazzling panel with Archangel and Husk:

(Marvel Comics)


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Hickman isn’t the first writer we think of when it pertains to humor, but Larraz brings it out of his script in ways that other artists haven’t been able to when working with him. For instance, this great little moment in Sabretooth’s trial:

(Marvel Comics)

But when it’s time for the epic and dramatic shots, he delivers some gorgeous, memorable images. When the team takes off for their mission, they leave their base on the moon…which is an extension of Krakoa. So, we get this remarkable piece:

(Marvel Comics)


Woah, We’re halfway There! Whoa Living on a Sentient Mutant Island!

Between house of X #3 and Powers of X #3, we’re now marching towards the end. just six a lot more weeks before this new dawn of X-Men comics begins. but we all know how the saying goes: The night is darkest just before the dawn. At least we’ll have Silva and Larraz to draw the hell out of that darkness.

Grade: WE finally have AN ALPHABET KEY

(Featured Image: house of X #3, marvel Comics)

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