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by KC Carlson

Superman #700

Trinity Anniversary
DC somehow finagled their publishing routine to ensure that their huge 3 characters all have anniversary problems the exact same month – so look for Superman #700, Batman #700, as well as question lady #600. all of these are 56-page comics with a number of creators pitching in, as well as all three promise major modifications in innovative direction as well. Both Superman as well as question lady function the very first work on the characters by just recently new-to-DC superstar writer J. Michael Straczynski. For Superman, this couldn’t have occurred at a much better time, as I’ve felt that the Krypton storyline was dragging on far as well long. (DC obviously did as well, as they scuttled their plans for a major war of the Supermen event that would have occurred over the summertime as well as collapsed the storyline to wrap up in may before JMS’s new direction is previewed in Superman #700.) likewise in this problem is a story written as well as drawn by longtime Superman creator Dan Jurgens, as well as James Robinson’s run on the book concludes with a touching story, drawn by Bernard Chang, all topped off with a cover by Gary Frank.

Wonder lady #600

There’s not much story detail about question lady #600 yet, however we do understand it features the wrap-up of Gail Simone’s run on the series, a story written by Geoff Johns, JMS’s very first question lady story (an early hint to the new direction), as well as art by George Perez (including the routine cover), Phil Jimenez, Joe Madureira, as well as others, including a variant cover by Adam Hughes.

Batman #700 doesn’t function a new writer, however a returning one -Grant Morrison kick starts the return of Bruce Wayne. however very first there’s a trio of stores about Batmen past, present, as well as future (a theme of all three anniversary issues). Art is by Tony Daniel, Andy Kubert, as well as Frank Quitely, as well as the book features covers by David Finch (regular) as well as Mike Mignola (variant). will we really begin getting solution to the lingering concerns from Morrison’s previous Batman run as well as final Crisis? even if we do, will I requirement Cliff notes to comprehend it all?

New Avengers #1

Heroic Age: Month Two
The Heroic Age at marvel continues its huge rollout with even more new titles as well as at least one surprise return (well, not really). That huge return is new Avengers, starting over with a new #1 issue, however with the exact same fantastic innovative team of Brian Michael Bendis as well as Stuart Immonen. The cover features a few of the exact same characters from the other Avengers comic (Spider-Man, Wolverine) as well as a couple that have been so far unaccounted for (Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage), plus the Thing, who was featured in the pre-solicitation info so I’m not sure if he’s in the other book or not. Methinks that there is going to be a huge shakedown period among all the books before we discover what’s up with all the different team line-ups as well as such. however we now understand this – one of Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers will be joining the new Avengers. Meanwhile, in Avengers #2, a new member joins already – as well as it isn’t question guy (but he’ll be there too!).

Avengers Academy is one more new Avengers-related title starring creator Hank Pym as well as his new pack of trainee heroes (mostly new guys, however perhaps a familiar deal with or two). It’s by writer Christos Gage as well as artist Mike McKone, as well as the very first problem promises a last-page shocker that may impact the whole marvel U.

Avengers Prime #1

Avengers Prime is being referred to as a kind of Siege: Aftermath book, where we will discover the details of exactly how Thor, Iron Man, as well as Steve Rogers discover themselves reunited – after being the bitterest of enemies. This five-issue bi-monthly series features the very first innovative pairing between superstars Brian Michael Bendis as well as Alan Davis, as well as it’s KC’s “Pick hit to Click” this month. (If there really was that kind of thing.)

Longtime Avengers Hawkeye as well as Mockingbird star in their new continuous series, where they’re in the midst of assembling the all-new West coastline Avengers team when they are faced by the supposedly long-dead person who split them up years ago: the Phantom Rider! It’s by writer Jim McCann with pencils by David Lopez (the team behind new Avengers: The Reunion).

Young Allies #1

The Heroic Age is offering up a new team of teen heroes in young Allies #1. writer Sean McKeever (who focuses on teen heroics) teams with artist David Baldeon to present the new marvel youngsters on the block! Nomad, Arana, Toro, Gravity, as well as Firestar join forces for the youth point of view on the new Heroic Age.
New products cause hugeQuestions


Also from marvel this month is the Marvelman traditional primer with articles as well as background information on the past, present, as well as future of Marvelman stories, featuring some new pin-ups of traditional Marvelman characters. stated to be coming soon is Marvelman’s Finest #1, a collection of his biggest early adventures, provided in the united states for the very first time, as well as the Marvelman traditional Vol. 1 Premiere Hardcover, reprinting all the traditional tales starting from the beginning. All this is well as well as good, as well as the original Mick Angelo stories from the 1950s will be fun to see, however this still doesn’t truly response the concerns about the Marvelman/Miracleman stories that everybody wishes to see – the long out-of-print Alan Moore as well as Neil Gaiman-written material previously printed by Warrior magazine in the UK (the Alan Moore material) as well as Eclipse Comics in America (the work of both writers). So, marvel – Whassup with Miracleman? Do you have the rights to reprint as well as release new stories, or not?

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali

Long believed to be one of those jobs that would never be reprinted (mostly because of perceived rights problems pertaining to the lots of star likenesses on the cover), 1978’s Superman vs. Muhammad Ali will be offered to new generations of comics as well as sports fans alike this November (but offered for pre-order now). Written by Denny O’Neil as well as Neal Adams with art by Adams, Dick Giordano, as well as Terry Austin, the unlikely story includes prospective alien invasions as well as the temporary de-powering of Superman to determine who is truly the biggest competitor in the Universe. While not the most rational of stories, there are lots of emotional twists as well as turns (as well as all-out action!) to have you cheering by the end!

DC provides this lost gem in two different formats: The 80-page Facsimile edition hardcover is printed at the original Treasury tabloid size for $39.99. then there’s the 96-page Deluxe Edition, which is printed smaller (near basic comic size) for $19.99, however it includes 16 pages of unpublished artwork as well as other associated material, plus a new cover by Neal Adams.

I’m truly dissatisfied in DC’s decision to split materials in this way. As a huge fan of the original, I would like to have the large, sturdier contemporary reprinting to see the gorgeous artwork at faithful publication size, however I am dismayed that there is no extra material in this edition. (What, for 40 bucks you couldn’t capture in 16 additional pages?) If I was cynical (and I am), I’d believe that this is intentionally being done to get fans like me to buy both editions. So, bottom line, whether I spend $20, $40, or $60, I’m gonna be dissatisfied about it, one method or another. It’s like DC suddenly produced their own Blu-Ray style for books.

I do comprehend why DC would want to have a lower-priced version for people who aren’t nostalgic for the original, as well as eventually this smaller, cheaper version will most likely be the version that is kept in print (as well as the only one that goes to the book market). however why is the cheaper version of the book called the Deluxe Edition? as well as shouldn’t the actual deluxe material be in the obviously more lavish version of the book? This decision flies directly in the deal with of all the absolute editions DC has put out over the past few years. Or have I accidentally stumbled onto next year’s absolute Superman vs. Muhammad Ali publication a year early, making us buy it again, most likely for $99?

Also, DC is likewise soliciting a Superman vs. Muhammad Ali Statue based on the original cover that looks truly cool. It’s priced at $250. Obviously, there’s a reason that this column is named what it is.

But what I’m truly excited about…

Brave & the strong #35

Pardon me for a minute while I put my geek hat on. Hands down, the book the that I am most excited about reading this month isn’t one of the new Avengers books or part of any type of huge mega-crossover. It isn’t even JMS’ new takes on Superman or question Woman. It doesn’t even have any type of major characters in it – nor any type of characters that anyone who started reading comics in the last 10 years would even understand about. however it is written by JMS. It’s The take on as well as strong #35, as well as it stars The legion of substitute Heroes as well as The inferior Five. I’ve been waiting to hear more about this since Dan DiDio teased about “the Five” in a DC hype page a month or so ago. (I’m a great guesser.) however I never conceived that they would be paired with DC’s other remarkably stupid super-team, the Subs. Genius. I already have the cover art as wallpaper on my computer, so I giggle every morning in anticipation.

Back story: The inferior five were produced by writer E. Nelson Bridwell as well as artist Joe Orlando in 1966. The series was an obvious parody of superhero comics (both DC’s as well as Marvel’s), however it was performed in a fairly simple way. Or as simple as these characters might be…

The Blimp was a big overweight guy who inherited his father’s power to fly, however not his super-speed, so the very best he might do was hover, unless it was windy. He’s usually seen being towed by one of the other members like a balloon on a string. Awkwardman was super-strong however super-clumsy, as well as constantly tripping (probably since he always used a too-long cape with swim-flippers). Dumb Bunny is as strong as question Woman, however a stereotypically dumb blonde dressed like a Playboy bunny (hence the name), however she has a great heart. White Feather was a master archer – when nobody was looking. at all other times, he was a coward, as well as almost whatever made him nervous. particularly women. (Hmmmm…) Merryman was the leader, a physical weakling without any super-powers. He appeared like Woody Allen, as well as he dressed like a jester since he believed super-heroing was a joke, although he came from a long line of costumed adventurers.

The legion of substitute Heroes (The Subs) were the heroes that weren’t great sufficient to be in the Legion. thinking about the legion inducted Matter-Eater Lad as well as Bouncing boy before these guys, you can picture exactly how poor they were. Actually, they were quite noble characters, working in trick to assist the legion when they needed help, up until Keith Giffen got hold of them around 1985.

The core members of the Subs aren’t as well poor – except perhaps for stone Boy, whose power was to turn to stone, so the other Subs utilized to bring him around as well as decrease him on things, an concept likewise utilized in a national Lampoon comic parody called Dead guy (not the one you’re believing of), a corpse which a team of guys in jumpsuits utilized to bring around as well as decrease off buildings. No, really! It was drawn by Neal Adams! as well as Chlorophyll youngster – who might make plants grow super-fast – was a bit lame also, I guess. It was the latter-day characters like Porcupine Pete, Double-Header, as well as contagious Lass that Giffen truly went to town on. I’m not sure if they’ll be in JMS’ story or not.

Anyway, both teams come from a time when comics weren’t so serious, so you might have a bit bit of fun reading about characters who were dumber than you, however when it came right down to it, they still got the task done. So if you still like your funny books a bit bit funny, the inferior five as well as the legion Subs are for you. inspect ‘em out!

And one more thing…

Simon & Kirby Superheroes

Simon & Kirby Superheroes is a new book of traditional forties as well as fifties Simon as well as Kirby stories by Titan Books, the exact same people who published the wonderful finest of Simon & Kirby a while back. I’d tell you more, however Bob Greenberger called dibs, so he’s got a whole column on it coming up soon. All I can state is it’s got some truly fantastic stuff, including some unpublished stories, a famous story printed in color for the very first time, as well as that Neil Gaiman composes the Introduction. Oh, I can likewise state – buy IT!

Detective Comics #866

CREATOR watch – Denny O’Neil returns to Batman for a stand-alone story with art by Dustin Nguyen in Detective Comics #866 in a special story about Dick Grayson: then as well as now! . . . The new innovative team on Power woman is writer Judd Winick as well as artist Sami Basri, beginning with problem #13 . . . Fabian Nicieza is the new routine writer on Red Robin beginning with problem #13 . . . Marc Guggenheim (Amazing Spider-Man) is the new writer on action Comics as well as Pete woods is the new artist . . . Eric Powell’s Buzzard character (from the pages of The Goon) gets his own three-issue series in June (with the very first problem listed now). likewise in each problem is a new Billy the youngster Old Timey Oddities story, by Powell as well as artist Kyle Holtz, which will ended up being its own four-issue series later this year . . . Ted McKeever’s newest project, Meta 4, about an amnesiac astronaut as well as a lady who gowns up as Santa year-round looks to function the usual McKeever secret as well as dark humor set against a background of wretchedness as well as hope. The very first of five problems is offered in June from Image.

Namora #1

YOU’RE COVERED! – Silver Age fantastic Ramona Fradon provides a cover for Namora #1 from marvel . . . What’s Black lantern Firestorm doing on David Finch’s cover to Brightest Day #4. Didn’t he get the memo? . . . Bryan Hitch draws this year’s great four annual #32 . . . Darwyn Cooke returns to Jonah Hex to provide the cover

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