Who Is Blackguard? A look At The suicide Squad Characters

The suicide Squad trailer dropped earlier this year and the film is premiering in a little over a month, so fans all over are wishing to learn much more about some of the new characters that were introduced. We’re here to help! I’m continuing my series of messages taking a look at each of the new characters in The suicide Squad and in today’s post I’m going to investigate: who is Blackguard?

Who Is Blackguard and What Are His Powers?

Blackguard (alias: Richard Hertz aka yes DC made his alias Dick Hertz) is a thug who was given a specialized heavy responsibility combat suit and equipment to satisfy criminal jobs for Metropolis’ underground criminal syndicate known as The 1,000. His suit enhances his physical strength, betters his basic skills in hand-to-hand combat, and is equipped with a battle mace and shields created out of pure energy. He also has twin pistols, which are especially valuable during missions.

Blackguard isn’t the brightest bulb in the room and is very gullible. despite this, he’s very cocky and confident in his abilities, typically throwing himself into harmful situations on purpose with a smile or goofy look on his face.


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The beginnings Of Blackguard

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Blackguard was created by writer and artist Dan Jurgens and first appeared in Booster Gold in 1986. He primarily worked for The 1,000 doing small jobs, but he eventually went head-to-head with Booster Gold and was later recruited to the suicide Squad. His stint as a supervillain is one of the shortest around though because shortly after he joined the suicide Squad he was betrayed and beheaded by another member named The General.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom for Blackguard though! between his time with The 1,000 and the suicide Squad, Dick Hertz got smarter and then tried to reform himself. He came into contact with Neron (basically the Satan of the DC Universe) who provided to grant Blackguard any wish in return for teaming up with Earthworm and Cheetah and taking control of a superhero-themed bar called Warriors, which was owned by former green Lantern, man Gardner. Blackguard asked to be smarter, Neron gave him average intelligence, and instead of destroying Guy, Blackguard was captured. When he was released, he came out a changed man and tried running a bar called the Dark Side with Guy.

The suicide Squad debuts in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6, 2021

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