Who Is King Namor? An introduction To Black Panther: Wakanda permanently Characters

In the recent SDCC, Ryan Coogler formally introduced to us Tenoch Huerta, who’ll be playing Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. new updates concerning the film have exposed that King Namor in MCU wouldn’t be coming from Atlantis however Talocan, a kingdom solely produced for the film. Talocan is based on the Aztec culture.

Even though the MCU version of Namor is rather far from the source material, let’s rapidly dive into who King Namor is in marvel Comics. 

Who is King Namor?

King Namor, likewise called the Sub-Mariner, was the brainchild of writer as well as artist expense Everett, who offered his copyrights to timely Comics in 1938, as well as very first appeared in marvel Comics #1 in 1939. Rumors state that Everett produced the character since Carl Burgos had produced the Human Torch. Everett made Namor, who has aquatic superhuman abilities, to rival the fire-manipulating character. 


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Everett phone calls Namor an “ultra-man of the deep (who) lives on land as well as in the sea, flies in the air, (and) has the stamina of a thousand (surface) men.” sources state that Everett was influenced by Samuel Taylor’s Coleridge poem The Rime of the ancient Mariner. as well as in the book The Steranko history of Comics, Everett exposes that he “called him the Sub-Mariner after the poem,” as well as for the name Namor, he “simply spelled ‘Roman’ backwards.”

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Namor had a number of appearances in publishing homes that are now closed; in chronological order, we can mention:

Funnies Inc. in 1931
Engine Comics in 1932
Travel Histories in 1933
Fun stories in 1934
Comfort books in 1935

Namor was present in the golden age of comics, ending up being one of the three timely characters, next to the original Human Torch as well as Captain America.

In the Silver Age, the character returns in amazing four #4 in 1962, where Johnny Storm, the new Human Torch, finds Namor living on the streets, homeless, amnesiac. storm tries to assist him regain his memory, as well as he promptly returns to the underwater realm. Upon reaching his kingdom, he discovers everything destroyed because of nuclear testing, presuming that his people are scattered, as well as he will never find them again. The events turned him into an anti-hero, which dominated his stories in the 70s.

King Namor’s origins

Namor Mckenzie was the result of the prohibited like between Leonard McKenzie as well as the princess of Atlantis, Princess Fen. Namor’s mom was Fen, child of Emperor Thakorr, as well as his father, Leonard McKenzie, a U.S. Navy captain on the icebreaker Oracle. They fell in like as well as married aboard the ship to spy on the human intruders. When they did not return, the warriors attacked the Oracle, killing McKenzie as well as returning Fen to his kingdom. 

The kid was born as well as named Namor, which implies “Avenging Son.” Namor is thought about the “first mutant,” having both Atlantean (Homo mermanus) as well as human mutant (Home superior) genes in his blood.

Aside from being the King of Atlantis, Namor is likewise the CEO of Oracle, Inc. In the comics, the company is a pioneer in addressing environmental concerns, which provided Namor the ideal disguise.

Noted as Marvel’s oldest superhero, Namor has ended up being a member of multitudes of superhero teams. Throughout the span of his comic book history, he partnered with the Invaders, Avengers, amazing Four, Defenders, as well as even the Illuminati. As an Alpha-level mutant, he’s likewise part of the X-Men.

In the comics, he waged war against Black Panther in Wakanda when he ended up being part of the Phoenix Five, which emerged in the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline. The group was believed to be developed when the Phoenix required was angered by Scarlet Witch’s “No much more mutants” in the home of M storyline. 

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Powers as well as Abilities

Mutated Physiology

King Namor has a mutated physiology thanks to his mutant as well as Atlantean genes. With this, he was birthed with amphibious capabilities granting him the abilities of surviving underwater. He can likewise endure freezing temperatures in the sea as well as has a remove underwater vision.

Superhuman Abilities

Having Atlantean genes in his blood provided Namor amazing strength, speed, stamina, agility, as well as reflexes. His stamina depends upon his get in touch with with water, which diminishes when he is out of the water for as well long. He is likewise thought about to be the fastest swimmer in Atlantean history. 

Aquatic Healing

Besides his superhuman abilities, Namor likewise has aquatic healing. This provides him the capability to heal any type of damaged tissue he has when he is immersed in water. 


As unexpected as it may look, Namor was the very first superhero to havethe power of flight. He possesses wings on his ankles which provides him the capability to fly. With these wings, he can fly quicker than a armed forces aircraft. 

Aquatic Telepathy

Namor likewise possesses the capability to interact with many marine life. He can likewise utilize this telepathic capability to interact with the other Atlanteans.

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Namor’s Appearances

Namor’s appearances have been varied; right here are a few of them

On Television

In the 1950s, a television series was organized to star Richard Egan, however it never went into production. Likewise, a television pilot Sub-Sailor was revealed in the ’70s, however it was never filmed because of the similarity with the short-lived guy of Atlantis.

Later, Namor appeared in the animated series The marvel very Heroes in 1966. In 1967 we likewise saw him in the Hanna-Barbera animated series amazing Four.

Namor likewise appears in the episode of Spider-Man Wrath of the Sub-Mariner (1981), with the voice of Vic Perrin. Later, in Spider-Man as well as His outstanding Friends, Namor appears in the episode “7 bit Superheroes”, voiced by William Woodson.

In 1994, he appeared as a guest in an episode of amazing Four. Also, he has a function in the episode of The Avengers: United They Stand “To guideline Atlantis.”. Similarly, in 2006 he appeared in two episodes of The amazing Four: biggest Heroes, as well as in 2013, we see him in the movement comic Inhumans, personified by Trevor Devall.

In other media

Philip Kaufman had a job for a Namor film in 1997, however the job was abandoned. In 2001, universal photos established Namor with a new script, as well as Saban home entertainment joined the job in 2002 to work with Marvel. The shooting was arranged for 2003 as well as organized to release in mid-2004. After several rejections, Chris Columbus went into into negotiations to release it in 2007, however unfortunately, it never materialized.

The film rights of Namor were verified in 2014, returning to Marvel. Although all the legal apparatus is complicated, Namor will continue appearing in other products.

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Namor is well understood in video games because this character appears in 1991’s arcade game Sega Spider-Man. He can likewise be discovered in Captain America, The Avengers, and appears as a manager in the 1997’s game amazing Four.

The newest full trailer of Black Panther: Wakanda permanently provided us an precise comic book look at King Namor. as well as the clips have shown that he as well as his soldiers are going against the people of Wakanda. Black Panther: Wakanda permanently will hit the theaters on November 11.

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