Wolverine #7: X of Swords chapter Sixteen Puts Logan with the Multidimensional Gauntlet

The competition of Swords lastly began in chapter sixteen (Excalibur #14). So far, the score is Arakko: 2, Krakoa: 1. because Doug Ramsey as well as Bei the Blood Moon agreed to marriage, Saturnyne awarded both teams a point. We likewise discovered that these difficulties are not going to be sword fight after sword fight. Of course, we’ll see a great deal more, let’s say, nontraditional battles. In fact, as soon as Wolverine #7: X of Swords chapter Sixteen begins, there’s a “contest of arms.” Meaning, an arm-wrestling match…

…between Pogg-Ur-Pogg as well as Magik. (Spoilers, of course

Saturnyne seems set On Destroying the X-Men in Wolverine #7: X of Swords chapter Sixteen

exactly how does marvel keep discovering photos of me as well as my exes? (Image: Wolverine #7, marvel Comics)


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An arm-wrestling match between the huge lizard dinosaur Pogg-Ur-Pogg, as well as the badass however perhaps 110 lbs, five foot nothing, Russian sorceress. She loses. Pogg-Ur-Pogg shatters a stone table with her arm. as well as this is just the very first of numerous times this problem that Saturnyne puts the X-Men in positions where they can’t potentially win. as well as even when they do, she modifications the guidelines on them to ensure that they lose anyway. Actually, it’s not necessarily the X-Men she’s punishing—she’s particularly targeting Wolverine. After all, Wolverine did try to kill her during the Parley dinner in Chapters Thirteen as well as Fourteen (Marauders #14-15). Seriously, she puts Wolverine with Hell. So, let’s count the ways!

1) Wolverine #7: X of Swords chapter Sixteen features What will Go Down as one of Comics’ finest Fights Ever

This single page Joshua Cassara produced right here is one of the very best pages of any type of comic this year. (Image: Wolverine #7, marvel Comics)

The next actual duel we get is Wolverine vs Summoner. however this isn’t a common duel, even by comic book standards. Saturnyne forces them to fight to the death in the realm of Blightspoke. This part of Otherworld is a hellish landscape of dying realities. It’s unpredictable, dangerous, as well as the worst location for anybody to fight. Wolverine as well as Summoner aren’t just combating each other—they’re combating a multidimensional garbage disposal.

But it lastly ends with Wolverine throwing the Muramasa blade directly with Summoner’s eye—his only weak spot. At the extremely least, Wolverine has avenged Rockslide’s death. Wolverine won the duel—but not the point. Saturnyne provides the point to Arakko, stating that it was a fight “to the death.” because Summoner fought to his death, he won. Yeah. just keep this in mind of what comes next. Wolverine made a extremely powerful opponent in Saturnyne.

2) Wolverine as well as storm are required to battle Each Other…In a Drinking Contest

No, I’m drunk! (Image: Wolverine #7, marvel Comics)

So, this shouldn’t be as well bad, right? A drinking contest between two buddies who have likewise been on-and-off lovers. The mad Jim Jaspers offers a bottle of the finest spirits in the Crooked Market, as well as the two Krakoan warriors begin their “battle.” Only…everything in the Crooked Market “has a price.” Sure, they’re drinking the finest whiskey they’ll ever have in their lives, however they’re likewise drinking directly up poison that death slipped to Jaspers. because they are contending with a teammate, they immediately get the point…but as the two drunken allies are about to kiss, Saturnyne wisps Wolverine away to the next battle. However, it’s not even a battle he’s expected to fight in.

3) In Wolverine #7: X of Swords chapter Sixteen, We lastly discover What offer Wolverine as well as Solem Made

Saturnyne truly hates Wolverine. (Image: Wolverine #7, marvel Comics)

Way back in chapter four (X-Force #13), The Beast was strangling Wolverine as Solem held both Muramasa Blades. He provided Wolverine one of the swords (which he needed to contend in the tournament), however at a cost. Wolverine agreed, however we didn’t understand what he agreed to. Turns out, Logan is a crap negotiator, even if he was about to die. Solem needed that when asked, Wolverine would fight in his place.


Keep in mind that, when Wolverine made this deal, as far as anybody knew, the competition would be a Krakoan as well as Arakkii warrior battling it out, presumably to the death. Wolverine agreed to fight one of his own teammates for the enemy. However, in Wolverine #7: X of Swords chapter Sixteen, Saturnyne twists this plan up even more.

Like Wolverine as well as Storm, the next duel had two Arakkii warriors squaring off: Solem as well as War. Now, Solem killed War’s hubby ages ago, as well as she still holds a grudge. Solem chooses that perhaps going up against a vengeful bereaved spouse isn’t a fantastic idea. So, he enacts Wolverine’s offer. A drunk, weakened Wolverine pops into the arena. Oh, as well as Summoner? Yeah, he was War’s son. Solem makes sure she understands that Wolverine just killed her kid before taking off.

The fight isn’t to the death, however. It’s to dismemberment. though Wolverine’s healing element is barely working, as well as he can’t even see straight, he’s got the advantage—adamantium skeleton as well as all. war tries to decapitate him, can’t, as well as Wolverine cuts her hand off. however because he is combating in Solem’s place, Arakko still gets one more point.

One thing We understand For sure From Wolverine #7: X of Swords chapter Sixteen: the game is Fixed

I mean, she truly hates Wolverine. (Image: Wolverine #7, marvel Comics)

Saturnyne certainly has great reason to dislike Wolverine. as well as Betsy Braddock, who died in the very first round. An Apocalypse, who opened a entrance from Krakoa best into the Starlight Citadel. She has no like for Krakoa. However, as exposed in chapter Fourteen (Marauders #15), if the X-Men lose, then Otherworld falls, as well as after that, Krakoa as well as essentially every truth that exists. What precisely is her endgame? We definitely don’t discover out in Wolverine #7: X of Swords chapter Sixteen, as well as we most likely aren’t going to discover out up until chapter 21 or 22.

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