Media release — Aspen Comics is celebrating fifteen years of publishing in 2018, and as part of the yearlong initiative to celebrate, the publisher is debuting two brand new Aspen series in this year’s totally free Comic book Day 2018 offering. totally free Comic book Day 2018 is Saturday, may 5th.
Worlds of Aspen 2018 will feature the world premiere zero issue release of developer Jordan Gunderon’s fantasy action-adventure series, Dissension: war Eternal. Gunderson has previously drawn Aspen series executive Assistant: Assassins, The four Points, No world and Aspen’s mega-event series that crossed over Michael Turner’s flagship titles, Fathom and Soulfire, Aspen Universe: Revelations. The solicitation copy for Dissension: war Eternal reads:

Aspen developer Jordan Gunderson debuts his long-awaited first creator-owned series, Dissension: war Eternal, this summer, as the Gods have declared war on each other! long ago, mankind suffered under the hand of a vengeful group of fallen angels. Now, a young woman, possessing a power that had lain dormant in the descendants of the first peoples of Earth, should rise to stop their return—along with the war they seek to unleash on the world!

The publisher will also be debuting the new Aspen series Nu Way, written by veteran Aspen scribe J.T. Krul (Michael Turner’s Fathom and Soulfire) with art by Alex Konat (Fathom, Mindfield) and John Starr (Fathom, Soulfire). Solicitation copy for Nu way is as follows:

Set in 2051, where technology has infected every aspect of human life, and the last frontier may be our very souls as people sacrifice their flesh and blood for a chance at a better life. In new Sheng, the megatropolis in China that has become the center of the world, Zihao is trying to literally fight his way up from the city slums with his fists, wishing to make it to the big leagues where cybernetically-enhanced warriors battle for fame and fortune. But, he’s not the only one. The world is filled with such desperation, as mankind struggles to remember what it even implies to be human. in some cases even the brightest lights cannot destroy the darkness.

Both new releases will be immediately followed by each respective series debuting this summer, with Nu way #1 in stores on July 11th and Dissension: war Eternal #1 in stores on July 25th. Aspen’s totally free Comic book Day issue will also feature special inside looks at their upcoming 15-Year anniversary legacy titles including Michael Turner’s Fathom and Soulfire, and executive Assistant: Iris. fans can check with their local participating seller to get their copy of Worlds of Aspen 2018 on totally free Comic book Day, may 5th, 2018.

Worlds of Aspen 2018 item Code: JAN180017

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Aspen Comics is an home entertainment publishing company founded in 2003 by the late superstar comic book artist, Michael Turner. In addition to producing their own line of hit titles including Fathom, Soulfire, executive Assistant: Iris, Lola XOXO and numerous more, Aspen has joined forces with some of the industry’s many noteworthy companies on their best-selling titles. Aspen has collaborated with Marvel, DC Comics, NBC, Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment, Axe Body Spray, American express and more. In 2018, Aspen Comics is celebrating their fifteen-year anniversary, with the release of several new and returning titles.

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