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Thor the Mighty Avenger #4

by Josh Crawley

Have you ever noticed exactly how months, if not a year, before a comic book associated movie comes out there’s a plethora of new comic books featuring that character? You haven’t?! Well, if you’ll enable me explain what I’m speaking about…

Marvel Comics’ Thor is going to be in theaters on may 6, 2011. With the exception of the hiatus between Mike Oeming’s as well as J. Michael Straczynski’s runs on the title – as well as the notorious year of Heroes Reborn– Thor has been published quite on a regular basis for almost 40 years. There’s been the occasional mini-series and/or spin-off book over the years, however disallowing the conjecture boom of the 90s – when vast amounts of products, particularly new #1s, were needed to slap foil on – Thor’s never seemed to have rather so many irons in the terminate as he does now.

As it stands now, there are two routine Thor titles (Thor, Thor the Mighty Avenger) as well as three mini-series (First Thunder, For Asgard, as well as Loki). Sure, those mini-series will  (hopefully) be completed by the end of the year, however I question it will stop there.

I can envision what you’re saying. “Josh, they’re just trying to be sure there are graphic novels in the stores when the movie comes so they can take advantage of renewed interest.”

While that’s a excellent concept – as well as it works to a very, extremely little degree – I disagree with the execution. Not just since I seldom see superhero movies have much impact on sales of peripheral material, however there’s already so much material to select from.

Thor Visionaries: Walter Simonson

In the beginning (he stated in a thunderous voice), we can select from Masterworks – in both hardcover as well as softcover – in addition to Essentials. The Eternals Saga volumes 1 & 2 gather #283 with #301. Walt Simonson Visionaries gather almost all of #337 with #382, plus Balder the Brave, which is likewise offered in hardcover by itself. There’s likewise a Mike Deodato Visionaries written by Warren Ellis, three volumes of Dan Jurgens & John Romita, Jr. material from the Heroes Return era, not to mention three volumes – in hardcover, softcover, as well as two different dust jacketed versions of an omnibus – of Straczynski material.

Honestly, instead of pumping out a great deal of new material, I would work on getting a great deal of old material that’s already been created back on shelves, such as necessary Thor volumes 1 as well as 3, which would make it easier to offer other books already available. jobs along the lines of Thor: Tales of Asgard – back-ups reformatted as a mini-series with new coloring – are a excellent start, as well as I desire they’d get more interest from publishers.

Of course, perhaps I’m just bitter since I’m still waiting on a series of mark Gruenwald Captain America Visionaries.


Josh Crawley is the tenured Master of catastrophe at Westfield Comics. He is not the keyboardist for Everclear.

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