The Comics Code Authority was an market driven watchdog that authorized the material of comic books. one of the guidelines they had prior to 1972 “was a online ban on vampires.” With their unwinding requirements in the 70s, numerous of the horror beasties were already shown on TV; the comics lastly took part in these unwinded standards. marvel after success with Morbius the Living Vampire had “tested the waters.” Also, they understood that Dracula was part of the public domain as well as totally free to tap into. thus The tomb of Dracula a marvel comic book series ran from April 1972 to August 1979.

The tomb of Dracula ran for 70 problems as well as had count Dracula handle as well as defeat many comers. He battled some heavy hitters too. Yes, there was the Van Helsing group, Blade the Vampire Slayer, Hannibal King (vampire that did not kill to survive), Taj Nital an Indian Muslim vampire hunter, Lilith Dracula’s daughter, Deacon Frost (vampire leader), Hulk, Solomon Kane, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer (What! No Way!), Thor, Werewolf by Night, as well as even the X-Men. This character has taken on so numerous in the marvel world they are as well numerous to name here. Not poor for a series that started in the 70s. If you understand of any type of matchups that I missed right here please blog on FaceBook. Can this public domain character offer revenue margins even today?


Jack Palance in City Slickers

The Backstory of tomb of Dracula

The team-up that really chose this remarkable run on tomb of Dracula was not made from superheroes however of two excellent artists. The team supreme: Marv Wolfman as well as gene Colan. Colon lobbied for the assignment:

“When I heard marvel was putting out a Dracula book, I faced Stan Lee (editor) as well as asked him to let me do it. He didn’t provide me as well much difficulty but, then stated he had guaranteed it to expense Everett. Well, best then as well as there I auditioned for it. Stan didn’t understand what I was up to, however I spent a day at house as well as worked up a sample, utilizing Jack Palance as my motivation as well as sent it to Stan. I got a phone call that extremely day: “It’s yours” ( Source: Greenberger, Robert. “Inside the Tome of Dracula”, Marvel Spotlight: marvel Zombies Return (2009), p. 27).

The tomb of Dracula #1

Are these horror comics as well corny for contemporary times? Is there value in horror conjecture for 70s comics? I believe so, in fact, I originally started collecting them just for the covers which looked great as well as extremely campy. then when I looked a bit better at Bronze Age horror it was starting to find into its own. I believed that may happen. glad to see it did, please inspect out these returns for The tomb of Dracula #1:

Long-Term Returns

Grade 9.8 $1750 FMV returns positive +10.3%

Grade 9.6 $675 FMV returns positive +20.7%

Grade 8.5 $200 FMV returns positive +24.2%

Grade 6.5 $130 FMV returns positive +24.5%

Grade 4.0 $85 FMV returns positive +52.8%

Short-Term returns (12-months of 2018-2019)

Grade 9.8 $1750 FMV returns unfavorable -23.2%

Grade 9.6 $675 FMV returns positive +5.7%

Grade 8.0 $150 FMV returns positive +14.4%

Grade 4.0 $85 FMV returns positive 24.3%

The Lord of Vampires is sure sucking at the pool of speculative profit. These numbers show a strong comic rapidly approaching its 50th year as well as still lucrative today.

Long-Term Outlook: This essential book is well on its method to one of the top horror titles to own from the Bronze Age. The typical sale cost (of grades evaluated here) of $568 for a +20-24% return. purchase as well as hold.

Short-Term Outlook: The last 12 months have been great to this book, want to stay in the lower grades for simple turnover as well as bigger returns. The typical sale cost (of grades evaluated here) $665 with between a +6%-14% return. Buy.

I believe the horror comics still have a methods to go to catch up with the superhero genre from the Bronze Age. I have bought numerous in my personal collection as well as plan to sit on them for about the next decade. The Bronze Age is right here to stay; don’t put a stake with The tomb of Dracula #1. Instead, purchase a copy. You will say thanks to me when that other bloodsucker Morbius hits the huge screen in 2020.



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