Ao Haru trip volume 3

Io Sakisaka’s Ao Haru trip volume 3 brings the trainees back to the institution setting (after the retreat of volume 2) as well as introduces a new conflict. After having her eyes opened to what friendship should mean in volume 1, Futaba is challenged by a passing comment made by new buddy Yuri. Yuri likes Kou, it turns out. Futaba doesn’t want to hurt or contend with her friend, especially since she’s unsure exactly how deep her feelings for Kou go. Can she overcome her fear of losing their friendship as well as be honest with both Yuri as well as herself?

There’s a prolonged sequence where Kou as well as Futaba are together by themselves in a classroom, working on a report as class reps. It’s the setting for interior monologue as well as chatter about minor incidents that are emotionally significant. This is that type of manga, where the very first stirrings of young like provide whatever more compound as well as effect. The art revolves around the characters speaking with each other or focuses on faces, either as we see who characters are looking at or their reactions to little incidents or comments.

Futaba, being adolescent, constantly concerns about exactly how she’s providing herself or coming off to others. now that she’s realized she likes Kou, costs time alone with him just ramps whatever up. She believes to herself,

“When you’re in love, trivial things seem so important. even though it’s inconvenient, fretting about all this stuff… it’s more fun than I expected.”

Although emotions run high, Sakisaka keeps her characters in balance, without exaggerating reactions or events as well far. There’s a little gem of a perk story included as well, about the reserved Shoko as well as her view for her future. (The publisher provided a evaluation copy.)

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