ALL THESE WORLDS ARE yours by holy

Experimental psychedelic indie. Not always the very best three words to discover together. frequently it’s an reason for a great deal of ponderous jams or fuzzy noise. however not this time.

Sweden’s holy have produced what they phone call “ambient wave,” however there’s sufficient hooks to ground it as well as sufficient depth to make it fascinating. believe Flaming Lips or Mercury Rev. as well as yes, it does determine as much as the comparison. If you listen close, in fact, you can hear a bit tinge of The Beatles.

Oh, as well as yes. There are ponderous 7+ minute jams. however unlike so much of the mediocre crap available on Bandcamp, these are really tunes with structure as well as purpose, as well as they take you somewhere different by the time you get to the end.
All These Worlds Are yours [LP] by HOLY

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