CRAYON FIELDS-“All the Pleasures of the World”

The lead track on The Crayon Fields’ sophmore album is titled “Mirrorball.”  but this is as far from Neil young and Pearl Jam as one can get without falling into a twee bubblebath.  It’s a gentle, sweet tune about a born again “virgin in a dancehall.”  It’s the kind of song that should have the title, “Mirrorball.” 

Crayon fields hail from Melbourne, Australia, and haven’t released an album since 2006.  maybe that’s because they aren’t content to merely make indie pop—they craft lush vocal arrangements and intricate percussion involving woodblocks and Glockenspiels that beg—nay, demand!—that you smile.  This is feel good music of the highest order.  Note: The Japanese version has two bonus tracks.  I do not have that version.  I am sad.  because 12 Crayon fields songs must be better than 10.

For fans of: Belle & Sebastian, beach House, The Zombies, and the beach Boys.

Take Me Where The Light Isn’t Cruel (ysi)


The game (Queen cover)-Beach house (ysi)

Here Comes the sun (beatles)-Belle and Sebastian (ysi)

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