Media release — Award-winning graphic book publisher Archaia Entertainment, an imprint of BOOM! Studios, is happy to reveal a new original graphic book coming this November: An Aurora Grimeon Story: will o’ the Wisp. The fantasy tale about a young woman who is sent to online with her estranged grandfather on Ossuary Isle, found in the eerie swamps of the Louisiana bayou, is the debut for very first time graphic book writer Tom Hammock as well as artist Megan Hutchison. when there, she is introduced to as well as begins practicing Hoodoo, a type of magic that offers with aspects of the supernatural.
“Readers can expect lots of wicked delights as well as dark things to envelope Aurora Grimeon,” explained Hammock, who likewise works as a production designer in the film industry. (His many recent credit, “You’re Next,” opens in theaters August 23.) “Like any type of huge life change, she will have to contend with the typical things: discovering new friends, getting utilized to a new location to live… however in this situation the swamp as well as its island of tombstones brings with it its sinister residents, supernatural occurrences, disappearances, as well as murder… to choose unsavory new chores, an unforeseen new pet, as well as perhaps even a adorable boy.”

“We did comprehensive research study into ancient tools, weather, plants, Hoodoo, as well as a great deal of other elements to find up with Aurora’s remarkable world,” added Hutchison. “Aurora’s character was the most fun to design. She is strong, smart, yet vulnerable. Again, with research—and my own closet—I came up with some fun methods for Aurora to reveal herself to the audience as a young woman discovering her voice with her own creativity.”

An Aurora Grimeon Story: will o’ the Wisp ($24.95, hardcover, 208 pages, full color, 6″ x 9″, ISBN: 978-1-936393-78-7) will go on sale in comic book shops as well as anywhere books are offered this November. It can be pre-ordered with comic book shops utilizing diamond purchase Code SEP130877. keep up with sneak peeks as well as behind-the-scenes info on the book’s official site at

About Archaia Entertainment
Archaia ( is a multi-award-winning graphic book publisher with much more than 75 popular publishing brands, including such domestic as well as worldwide hits as mouse Guard, Rust, Cow Boy, Cursed Pirate Girl, Gunnerkrigg Court, as well as Artesia. Archaia has likewise published an entire line of graphic novels in partnership with The Jim Henson Company, including the several award-winning Jim Henson’s tale of Sand as well as such cherished tales as The Dark Crystal, The Storyteller, as well as Fraggle Rock. In addition to its partnership with Henson, Archaia has forged innovative partnerships with storytellers in all aspects of the home entertainment industry, resulting in print as well as digital expansions of such noted properties as Bleedout as well as HAWKEN (video games), Immortals as well as world of the Apes (film), as well as Space: 1999 (television). together with these celebrated titles, Archaia has released English translations of various popular foreign titles to much fanfare, including The Killer, Sergio Toppi’s Sharaz-De, as well as The trick History. In June 2013, Archaia was obtained by BOOM! Studios ( established by Ross Richie in 2005, diamond Gem Award-winning “Best Publisher” BOOM! Studios produces a constellation of very popular Eisner as well as Harvey Award-winning original as well as licensed comic books as well as graphic novels with the industry’s top talent.

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