REARRANGING THE DECK CHAIRS IN THE DC UNIVERSE: part 7 (OF A series OF INFINITE): A look AT DC universe rebirth #1

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A KC Column by KC Carlson

DC universe rebirth #1

I wasn’t really planning to take a deep dive into DC universe rebirth #1 until I started hearing some rumblings about what may be happening in it. (The LSH rumor would, of course, pique my interest…) then the whole problem got leaked last Friday, which made it into a bit of comics news of a sort. (Intentional leak?… You be the judge…) My very first reaction to the event (prior to reading) was that it was most likely going to be one of those really poor cars and truck crashes you sometimes see on the side of the Interstate, and, as much as you don’t want to look… YOU just have TO! So I threw my brain in the wastebasket for an hour as well as went looking to see what all the hubbub was about, bub…

Honest to Rao, I really liked a great deal of it. Admittedly, since I haven’t been reading any type of mainstream DC titles for at least four years, I likewise didn’t really understand a lot of it. most of what I didn’t understand were the few pages of single panels checking in on various “minor” DCU characters (many of whom I do not really know, due to my DC “sabbatical”). most of the 66-page story encompasses four primary chapters (“Lost”, “Legacy”, “Love”, as well as “Life”) which are mainly devoted to catching up with the much more popular residents of the DCU. (Can we now say “DCU” again? It just seems so much much more easier…)

Batman: rebirth #1

The book itself is 80 pages — or 84, if you count covers, which I don’t — as well as the remainder of the book consists of home ads for the very first couple of waves of rebooted series, as well as a handy checklist of all 21 (!) private (or team) rebirth very first issues. This DC universe rebirth #1 problem is rather the bargain at $2.99 — as well as if you want to purchase it at that price, you much better act fast, as it’s rumored that subsequent reprintings will be at a significantly higher price.

The entire problem is written by Geoff Johns — the go-to writer-guy to relaunch DC Universes as well as franchises for much more than a decade (and likewise DC’s chief innovative Officer… so perhaps writing these things every few years is really part of his contract…). artists include some excellent ones, such as Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Phil Jimenez, as well as a whole slew of top-flight inkers as well as colorists.

DC universe rebirth preview page

DC universe rebirth #1 is filled with both significant revelations as well as small special moments. It’s likewise future “annotation-bait” with all the little hints as well as clues that appear throughout the book (beginning on page 1!). It’s recommended that you read Justice league #50 as well as Superman #52 before you read this, however I didn’t as well as still got the gist of what was happening. one of the very first things to come up is most likely going to be controversial. It’s strongly hinted that there may be much more than one Joker wandering around Gotham as well as the DCU. Hmm…

The primary hook of the story involves somebody very familiar to pre-New 52 DC Comics readers who has not been seen in-continuity since Flashpoint. His story is rather moving as well as tragic here, as well as at least one point — totally hopeless. however his being from a specific “family” of characters means that a) this should be a major turning point for the DCU, as well as b) survival is not always guaranteed. So this is an outstanding use of this character.

There’s likewise a great deal of recapping, catching up, as well as even a bit of explaining away some confusing stuff that has gone before, plus some stunning new revelations. (Wonder woman has a brother?) In other words, yes, Virginia, this IS one more Universe-bending DC EventTM. hopefully it will be a great deal much better than the last few.

Some of my preferred bits: A cameo by a legion of Super-Heroes flight Ring, a hint that one of DC’s traditional romances may be back “on” when once again in the near future (after being “off” for, like, forever), one more romance heading for a huge step soon, Ray Palmer lost (again) in the Microverse, one Blue Beetle satisfying one more (and the younger one is much more mature than the older one), a seeming passing on (or possibly a return) of a legacy, as well as one of the most emotional “death scenes” in comics.

John Constantine arguing with a Swamp thing just seems like old times. Yay, warm fuzzy Vertigo moments. (Five words which have never been combined in this way before… or ever again.) Hey, Karen as well as Shelley!

DC universe rebirth promotional art

The whole thing ends with something totally out of left field, which will most likely either amaze or irritate anybody who happens to be watching (including a well-known comics creator or two). The jaded will discover it an indicator of just exactly how low DC is willing to stoop to try to rescue their declining sales. The optimistic will wonder exactly how such a legendary story, one that changed the program of the industry, will really fit into this message of hope as well as rebirth.


DC has needed to go huge or go house for several cycles now. great luck to them. I’ll linger around for a bit to check out some “solo” rebirth titles. DC’s huge guns shine on DC universe rebirth #1, however the real test will be exactly how the rank-and-file creators (admittedly including some up-and-comers) will relocation this restart ahead as well as make it work in an continuous format, away from the “epic event” trappings that usually excite us.

I’m likewise very skeptical of DC maintaining a twice-monthly shipping schedule for most of their primary titles. Ambitious? Very! Prudent? remains to be seen…

Will I still be right here reading a year from now? That’s all up to DC…

Entertain me.



KC CARLSON is having some fun with this column’s title. DC Comics has absolutely no known links to the White star Line’s 1912 Olympic class ocean liner RMS Titanic, nor should there be absolutely no relationship implied. These days, DC should be much more concerned about earthquakes than icebergs anyway.

WESTFIELD COMICS is not responsible for the stupid things that KC says. particularly that thing that really irritated you. like the truth that there are no parts 1-6 for this column. stop looking for them as well as go read some comic books instead!

DARWYN COOKE 1962-2016

Intro page from new Frontier Animated Special: introduction by Rip Hunter.

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