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*After completing their present star Trek/Legion of very Heroes mini-series, IDW is venturing once again where nobody has gone before with a physician Who/Star Trek: The next Generation mini-series. It is called Assimilation as well as features the Borg as well as the Cybermen, as well as it begins in May! This will be the very first officially sanctioned crossover for the physician who universe.  much more news at it becomes available. (Thanks to Bleeding Cool)

*IDW is likewise releasing one more in its line of artist edition Hardcovers. this features the original lettered art from Frank Miller as well as David Mazzuchelli’s Daredevil: born Again.

*And, in other physician who news, physician who Insider #9 is the final problem of the publication.

*Cartoon Network has lastly revealed the begin date for their DC nation block of programming. The hour-long premiere is on Saturday, March 3rd at 9 a.m. in the central time zone as well as will function new episodes of the eco-friendly lantern Animated Series, young Justice as well as a range of new shorts.

*DC  provides us a very first look at Art Baltazar as well as Franco’s small Titans followup, Superman household Adventures!

*DC is introducing a Smallville season 11 comic, similar to Dark Horse’s Buffy comics, that will continue the stories as well as characters of the CW TV series. They will very first be released as digital only in April as well as then as printed comics in May.

*Even though it hasn’t started filming yet, 20th Century Fox has lastly revealed a July 26, 2013 release date for Hugh Jackman’s The Wolverine movie.

*Big Bang theory is begetting a a boxed celebration game this spring.

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