Bitter Much?

“[I]f you support DC Comics, then personally, I truly can’t think about you a feminist.” — Valerie D’Orazio, January 16 (link no longer available) (via Ragnell)

Yet… “If you truly want these comics [starring and/or produced by women] to be successful — and, in turn, persuade Hollywood to make more movies starring these superheroines — then make more of an effort to support these comics. Talk them up on your blogs, as well as support them with your wallets. No, I’m not stating support the ones you believe are “crap.” however go support question Woman.” — Valerie D’Orazio, January 9 (link no longer available)

So, if we’re supposed to support comics about as well as by women … yet we’re not feminists if we support DC … I assumption that leaves Marvel. Which has a new series coming out, Cloak as well as Dagger, starring a lady as well as written by a lady … Valerie D’Orazio. exactly how convenient!

Update: Gail Simone discussed sexism at marvel in August 2006 (link no longer available). So does that make D’Orazio not a feminist since she still supports the company? Or does it just point out exactly how stupid these type of litmus tests are?

Update 2: Valerie responds (link no longer available) by ignoring the contradictions in her posts as well as playing sufferer when again. It seems I made her afraid! — her emphasis — to reveal her opinions for over a year. Why does she care what I think? (Unless, maybe, I have a point?)

Her publish is, however, likewise a fantastic summation of my comments on working at DC. I’m not sure what she believes it proves, other than we both had poor experiences with a few of their staff. as well as that, when again, my headlines get me in difficulty since some people ignore the entire publish complying with as well as only pay interest to the title.

(Oh, as well as can somebody explain to me why anyone would think about getting evaluation copies a dispute of interest?)

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