He’s got the mind, the might, and the mustache! A roguish ALBERT EINSTEIN leads a team of geniuses called the time MASONS in a battle to protect the integrity of our timeline. but when a new threat puts the past, present, and future in peril, it’s up to him and a squad of epic historical figures to save the universe before the clock runs out. get ready for an Einstein you never imagined in the greatest time-travel adventure series history has never seen.ALBERT EINSTEIN: TIME MASON #1
Writer(s): Marcus Perry
Artist Name(s): Tony Donley (Pencils/Inks/Colors)
Cover A – Dave Johnson
Cover B – Tony Donley

32 pgs./ T / FC $3.99

What people are saying about Albert Einstein: Time Mason #1:

“So if you loved pulp adventure with a lighter tone that puts it more on a par with something like Atomic Robo then I urge you check this one out.”
(Geek Syndicate)

“Seeing a fresh story with a new light on an old scientist made this issue fresh and unique.” (Nerdlocker)

ABOUT action lab ENTERTAINMENT- formed in 2010 with the purpose of pooling their collective talents into a single, powerful entity, the members of action lab entertainment have countless years in multimedia publishing, design, and business. Their first release, Fracture, was successfully funded through Kickstarter and since then they have continued their mission to produce high quality, genre-spanning entertainment. since its formation, the accolades for A.L.E continue to build on a daily basis. among its more popular titles are all ages material like the Eisner, Glyph, Shel Dorf award nominated series PRINCELESS, miraculous (based on the Nickelodeon television series), Jamal Igle’s MOLLY DANGER, Artist/ writer Katie Cook’s GRONK and Gayle Middleton’s (My little Pony, The Littlest Pet Shop) monstrously adorable VAMPLETS. action Lab’s mature readers imprint action lab danger zone continues to push the envelope of comics entertainment with titles as varied as Charles Band’s PUPPET MASTER and Dan Mendoza’s over the top horror-comedy ZOMBIE TRAMP, VAMPBLADE and ITTY BITTY bunnies IN RAINBOW PIXIE candy LAND, and socially relevant titles including southern DOG, KINGDOM BUM and M Goodwin’s TOMBOY.

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