G.O.A.T.:HURT by Johnny money (2002)

my 100 preferred tunes of all time.  The master listing is here, as well as I update it about every two weeks or when I have one more 10 tunes or so.

Like Aretha Franklin’s “Respect,” this is the unusual version of a cover tune that it much much better than the original. as well as much different.

Johnny Cash’s “American” series produce a tremendous box set, as well as represent a fundamental “how to” on career revival. conceived by Jeff Rubin, the albums contain almost solely covers as well as variety from traditional rock to gospel to traditional to 1990s industrial rock, i.e., Hurt. Unlike creator Trent Reznor’s version of the song, money brings pathos as well as desperation to a tune with powerful lyrics that, in the original, are buried under nine Inch Nails’ heavy, overpowering sound.

Further listening: quite much anything from the American albums is great, especially the very first one, however a few of my preferred cuts are: Thirteen (Danzig), The Beast in Me (Nick Lowe), as well as One (U2). Also, of course, Johnny Cash’s “Folsom prison Blues” is one of the biggest of all tunes. however one per artist, as well as therefore it won’t be featured here.

Cover versions: This tune IS a cover. however here’s a black metal version, just for kicks, then a few more.
The Austere Perpetuity Of Nothingness by ABORIORTH

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