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Battlestar Galactica traditional #1 Kelley Jones cover

John Jackson Miller is the prominent writer of such comics as star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, as well as Iron Man, in addition to various novels. His newest job revisits a preferred TV show with Battlestar Galactica traditional from Dynamite. Miller stops by to tell Westfield’s Roger Ash much more about this interesting new series.

Westfield: exactly how did you ended up being included with this project?

John Jackson Miller: I’d been wanting to do something for Galactica for a long time; I even had written a script that was meant for one of the old Realm press Galactica titles back in the late 1990s, long before I did any type of other expert work. In between, there was the reimagined series, as well as of course I did all my comics as well as book work for licenses like star Wars as well as star Trek. But I stayed interested — as well as when Nick Barrucci and I began talking about licenses that Dynamite had that I may be interested in, I instantly stated the original Galactica was best up my street. I suggested a series to editor Anthony Marques, as well as then we were off.

Battlestar Galactica traditional #1 Marco Rudy cover

Westfield: Were you a Battlestar Galactica fan growing up?

Miller: Oh, certainly — I was one of the numerous youngsters viewing the extremely very first episode (which got interrupted by the Camp David Accords being announced!) as well as then every episode of the series that followed. I developed the designs — and I likewise collected the marvel Comics. Those had a few of the very first Walt Simonson art that I’d seen, and I was a huge fan of those. So getting to kind of do a continuation is a genuine thrill.

Westfield: Is there any type of character that you’re especially enjoying writing?

Miller: Starbuck is everyone’s favorite, and I have had the possibility to compose some fun scenes for him. But I would state that Adama truly has the most significant burdens on him, as well as he has some emotionally resonant moments in the comic. To a great degree it’s the late Lorne Greene, as well as the power of his character as well as performance, that powers these moments — however it’s likewise the fantastic art by Daniel HDR.

We likewise have some moments with count Baltar, as well as he is a riot to write. nobody can chew with scenery faster!

Battlestar Galactica traditional #1 Walter Simonson cover

Westfield: What can visitors look ahead to in the book?

Miller: The Galactica is, as we saw in the TV show, always on the run, shepherding the stays of human civilization on this seemingly unlimited quest — always running, always alone. however in our series — which is subtitled Counterstrike — Galactica encounters a second fleet of fugitives, on the run from tireless tormentors of their own. This second fleet complements Galactica’s in a great deal of methods — as well as Adama has to believe long as well as difficult about the possibilities. joining up might imply they might getaway the Cylons faster; it may likewise provide them a much better possibility to fight back. however it likewise may imply acquiring one more set of enemies, when they can barely offer with the ones they’ve got.

Westfield: What can you tell us about these new characters?

Miller: The Okaati are industrious, able to forage as well as rapidly process whatever materials they discover along their path — however they don’t have anything like the Galactica’s competitor squadrons to safeguard them. The Okaati have been required to presume a great deal of their own forces will be lost along the way, however with the Colonial Vipers in the picture, they may be able to create a great deal much more for the human fleet, completely altering the dynamics of their private plights. And I’ve just seen the very first art of the group that’s after the Okaati — Daniel HDR has come up with some amazing stuff!

Battlestar Galactica traditional #1 Daniel HDR cover

Westfield: You’re working with artist Daniel HDR on the series. What can you state about your collaboration?

Miller: He does both the starship parts as well as the character parts truly well, which is a combination you don’t frequently get. I offer a great deal of visual references as well as there’s a great amount of conversation between us on what things ought to look like. I discover myself researching what things appeared like that I may have seen for just a half-second on the screen forty years ago — as well as he brings them to life!

Battlestar Galactica traditional #0

Westfield: any type of closing comments?

Miller: just that I hope people will inspect the series out, starting with our #0 problem in October, which is priced at 35 cents just like the very first Galactica comic book 40 years before. people can discover out much more about my work at , comply with me on Twitter at , or on Facebook at .

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