KICK-ASS introduces new story ARC WITH new innovative team

Media release — picture Comics is delighted to reveal that KICK-ASS #7 will introduce an interesting new story arc for the series as well as introduce an all-new innovative team to the KICK-ASS brand—Steve Niles as well as Marcelo Frusin—who will be successful original series creators mark Millar as well as John Romita Jr.
“When we offered Millarworld to Netflix, the one as well as only drawback was not being able to compose much more Kick-Ass with my new executive role, as well as so I did the next finest thing—I got my preferred writer to continue Patience Lee’s adventures,” stated Millar. “Steve Niles is without concern my preferred writer in comics, as well as I rank 30 Days of night as my preferred graphic book of the last 20 years. I’m honoured he’s taken the time to do this as well as somewhat in awe that, like Jeff Lemire on Hit-Girl, he’s already outclassed me on this book. I lastly get to delight in Kick-Ass as a reader!”

Romita Jr. added: “I’m lucky sufficient to work with mark again, however even luckier to have dealt with Kick-Ass again, as well. each time somebody concerns that the exact same old, exact same old is in line for one more go ’round with a title, mark Millar totally crosses people up with something totally different.

My attempt on every new panel, page, as well as story is to do something different. I believe Peter Steigerwald as well as I have handled to do that, as well as Peter’s fantastic color art is so important to that difference. Overall, the three of us have offered something unexpected, as well as in all humility, excellent! I’m happy to have dealt with Mark, Peter, John Workman as well as editor Rachael Fulton on this Kick-Ass title as well as so thrilled to hand the reins over to Steve Niles as well as Marcelo Frusin. I’m positive these two fantastic talents will get a hold as well as run with Kick-Ass seamlessly.

I can only speak for myself, however I will seriously miss this woman in the Kick-Ass costume. quite sure mark as well as Peter agree.”

In KICK-ASS #7—Kick-Ass has wiped out Hoops Lucero as well as seized manage of his criminal operations, however Violencia’s set to bust out of jail as well as get his bloody revenge on our preferred superhero.

“I am truly pleased to continue the excellent work of mark as well as John on Kick-Ass,” stated Frusin. “The new character is beautiful as well as I delight in working on the book every day. I like drawing the world of Kick-Ass as well as its villains—Steve’s scripts are fantastic as well as the color work Sunny is doing is amazing. It’s fantastic to have a team like this. I like doing Kick-Ass!”

Niles added: “I am absolutely having the time of my life working on Kick-Ass. It’s a excitement to be continuing the work set out by mark as well as John as well as fantastic to be working with Marcelo as well as Sunny.”

KICK-ASS #7 hits stores on Wednesday, September 19th.

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