What Monthly Indie Comics You must checked out This November

The days are growing darker, the weather’s getting colder, however the comics are getting better. however after a difficult summertime of playing the delay as well as catch-up game, things are returning to normal…ish. So, what does that mean? Obviously, choosing three recommendations of what monthly indie comics you must checked out this November was a great deal harder. It likewise indicates that there’s a great deal of fantastic comics coming out! even so, here’s just a few of them.

Crossover #1

(Image: Crossover #1, picture Comics)

What might be much better than a comic book event about comic book events spilling into our world? Donny Cates composing it as well as Geoff Shaw drawing it. during the picture Comics NYCC panel, Cates exposed as much as he might about this series, including that there may be some “Big 2” characters involved. This picture Comics monthly series you must absolutely read, as well as make sure you begin ideal away in November. By new Year’s Eve, it will most likely be the most talked-about new series.


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Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Geoff Shaw
Publisher: picture Comics
Release Date: November 4th
Official Solicitation:

Imagine whatever you believed was fantasy…was real. as well as now join us, in a world where truth is dead…and anything is possible…

The innovative powerhouses behind the bestselling, critically acclaimed GOD COUNTRY, Thanos Wins, as well as REDNECK returns for the greatest introduce of the year!

Red Atlantis #1

(Image: Red Atlantis #1, Aftershock Comics)

Maybe Aftershock Comics must have released this series last week—or perhaps the day after the election was a wise move. though the worry for violence surrounding the 2020 election is real, thankfully it went mainly peaceful. However, Stephanie Phillips utilizes our worries as well as fears to produce what appears like a fantastic espionage series. Russians, FBI, hero journalists…it’s whatever you want in a spy thriller. If you haven’t chosen up problem one of the new monthly indie series on November 4th, you must run to anywhere you however comics as well as checked out it ideal now.

Writer: Stephanie Phillips
Artist: Robert Carey
Publisher: Aftershock Comics
Release Date: November 4th
Official Solicitation:

A series of unexplained, fierce crimes on election Day around the U.S. leads the FBI to zero in on a covert group of Russian terrorists.

When a Texas journalism trainee named Miriam inadvertently discovers herself mixed up in the investigation, her life will never be the same. With political espionage, treason, as well as even mind control, can she remove her name as well as stop the U.S. from entering into a new chilly War?

Monstress: Talk-Stories #1

(Image: Monstress: Talk-Stories #1, picture Comics)

While the primary Monstress series is on hiatus, Marjorie Liu as well as Sana Takeda provide us “Talk-Stories,” which is just what it seems like. Everyone’s preferred anamorphic character, Kippa, tells us stories as she eats dumplings. In general, Monstress is a monthly picture Comics series that everybody must read. however for November, take pleasure in this bit break from the series’s a lot more severe aspects. as well as get some dumplings while you’re at it. Kippa shouldn’t have to eat alone!

Writer: Marjorie Liu
Artist: Sana Takeda
Publisher: picture Comics
Release Date: November 25th
Official Solicitation:

Bridging the space between the fifth as well as sixth arc (which resumes in January 2021), MONSTRESS returns with TALK-STORIES, a two-part restricted series that invites you to eat dumplings next to the terminate as well as listen as Kippa recounts a defining moment from her childhood.

That’s our handle what monthly indie comics you must checked out this November, however again, there are so lots of other fantastic titles coming out. While we always put our fourth option as the featured image, right here are some other indie comics to keep an eye out for:

Norse Mythology #2, Dark equine Comics

Origins #1, flourish Studios

Year Zero #1, AWA Inc.

Hellboy as well as the B.P.R.D.: The seven Wives Club #1, Dark equine Comics

Scarenthood #1, IDW Publishing

Terminal Punks #1, mad Cave Studios

Honestly, this listing might go on as well as on.

(Featured Image: Inkblot #3, picture Comics)

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