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Beau Smith-Time Cop.

by beloved Smith

Well understood fact; I am not some kind of genius. I am not a scientist, as well as I am likewise not the Lord Of Logistics. I’m a writer, ordinary and, sometimes, extremely simple.

That being so, I still cannot comprehend why marvel as well as DC Comics can’t or won’t establish several world lines for their characters to dwell. I comprehend that they cleaned home a few years back to simplify the clutter as well as confusion of multiverses, however in my viewpoint (the only one I can speak for), all they did was make things even a lot more confusing. I can’t picture what it need to be like for a new writer to find on board as well as have to wade with government-thick papers to get as much as date with what’s going on in the stated book they are hired to work on. That’s just with print, not counting what they can as well as can’t do since of a present TV show or film.

It’s challenging, as well as being challenged is always a great thing with work, however this borders on hazard pay as well as hazardous work conditions.

“Those crazy 1980s Comics.”

Why not have what I would phone call a “Decades” line, one where stories might transpire in a stated decade or time period. It might even be as basic as utilizing The golden Age, The Silver Age, The Bronze Age, etc. The recommendation is there, you wouldn’t have to concern about continuity, since you would stay in your designated decade or age. What occurs in The golden Age or The 1940s, isn’t going to have an impact on the stories in The Silver Age or the 1960s. It seems simplistic, as well as it is. What’s wrong with that?

“When Frank Miller Was A Kid.”

Let’s state that marvel or DC makes a decision to utilize decades or Ages, you know…..YOU KNOW…it’s not going to be long before they want to do a major crossover of the decades or Ages. If you are going to have an event, then by golly, have a major event! keeping that in mind, you have to have the foundation strong before you can go building the world’s largest structure. let decades or Ages run for a great long time, develop the readership, the rate of interest as well as the emotional investment of the readers, before you begin splicing wires as well as producing a new monster. Christmas comes however when a year; there’s a reason for that.

“Fantastic Four. Time Stood Still…Kinda.”

Think of it, a world where Stan Lee as well as Jack Kirby’s great four adventures go on as well as on. A world where the insane, 1950s Batman is battling an nearly likable Joker as well as everybody complains to Batman for letting Bat-Hound leave lawn fudge on their lawn.

“Get Off My Lawn!”

Sales would have a extremely great shot at being big. visitors that don’t want their youth heroes to grow old would have that place. visitors that have “outgrown” their youth heroes would have new as well as cutting edge locations to checked out about Superman sitting down with Dr. Phil. everybody would be happy. I pledge you, A-List writers as well as artists would be battling over who gets to do what.

“Now See What You Went as well as Did…”

The confusion aspect would be low, since there are structured decades or ages where the stories take place. The only continuity would be within that decade or age. No crossing over, at least not for a long while. To work, everybody would have to keep their hands out of the cookie jar for a while as well as just focus on their story in their decade or age. I’ll be pleased to play Time Cop.

It’s not that difficult of a idea to grasp. You shouldn’t try as well as make it complicated. If you do, then you don’t truly have a location within this structure. You’re a part of the present issue as well as must discover somewhere else to tie your own directly jacket.

Give it some thought. believe with a remove as well as basic mind. The primary concern you have to ask yourself as a visitor is, would I get this?

After all, it’s the visitors that truly matter.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith

The flying Fist Ranch

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